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$88 Cash Bouquet/ Money Flower with Preserved Rose & Baby's Breath
$88 Cash Bouquet/ Money Flower with Preserved Rose & Baby's Breath

[Cash Bouquet] Celestial Petals - $88 value


Reveal the enchantment of our Celestial Petals bouquet, meticulously crafted from $88 of authentic cash notes. Encompassing a treasured preserved rose at its heart, gracefully adorned with rainbow-colored baby's breath, this creation is destined to illuminate someone's day."

Measurement: approximately cm(H) x cm(W)

Your order will include a clear bouquet bag and a complimentary gift card.

Note: In consideration of the sensitive nature of this bouquet containing cash, we have taken special care. Instead of solely using a clear bouquet bag, we will elegantly cover the bouquet, ensuring its confidentiality and your peace of mind.


Preserved flowers are a great choice of gift, offering long-lasting beauty with minimal maintenance. Your arrangement's pristine appearance will endure for 1-3 months, depending on the environment.

Please note that these flowers are genuine blooms and can be sensitive to humidity and sunlight. Over time, bud color may fade, become brittle, or even develop mold due to natural processes.

We recommend gentle handling—avoid pressing or bending buds—and housing the arrangement in dry, well-ventilated spaces, away from direct sunlight. Consider placing them in a clear PVC Box to potentially extend their lifespan to 3 years or more with proper care.

A flower care card accompanies the package, ensuring your gift remains a cherished delight.

Fresh baby's breath retain their beauty for approximately 2-3 days before exhibiting signs of drying. Nevertheless, with proper care, they can be preserved for at least 1 year, becoming lasting tokens of cherished moments.


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